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Freemasons' Regalia

Freemasons' regalia takes many forms depending on the Order. Nautical Services Lodge is a Craft lodge and thus the regalia has the standard light-blue colouring.

Excluding Grand and Provincial regalia there are four aprons seen in a Craft Lodge. They are the Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, Master Mason and Worshipful Master aprons. As experience is gained in the Craft so the aprons become more complex, to reflect the progress made by the Brother.

  • Entered Apprentice ApronEntered Apprentice
  • Fellowcraft ApronFellowcraft
  • Master Mason Apron Master Mason
  • Worshipful Master Apron Worshipful Master

The Offices are differentiated by an emblem, called a jewel, which is attached to a collar and worn by the holder when the Lodge is open. The Master and Wardens also wear embroidered cuffs to signify their status in the Lodge.

The following images are typical of the jewels worn in the Lodge Room (clicking on an image will open a larger version):-

  • The Worshipful Master
  • The Immediate Past Master
  • The Senior Warden
  • The Junior Warden
  • The Chaplain
  • The Treasurer
  • The Secretary
  • The Director of Ceremonies
  • The Lodge Mentor
  • The Senior & Junior Deacons
  • The Charity Steward
  • The Almoner
  • The Inner Guard
  • The Steward
  • The Tyler

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